About James Bywood

James Bywood - Contemporary Landscape Artist


James Bywood is an artist and illustrator renowned for his exceptional visual interpretations of the British countryside. Through the mediums of sketch and print, James masterfully crafts images that transport viewers to specific places while evoking deep emotional responses.

During the 1990s, James pursued his passion for Fine Art at the University of Bristol. Following his formal education, he immersed himself in the world of commercial print, gaining valuable insights and honing techniques that continue to shape his creativity today.

James's engagement with litho print, letter press, book binding and digital print on a commercial scale profoundly influenced his artistic perspective. These learnings serve as a profound source of inspiration, influencing how he perceives and creates his art.

To this day, James remains devoted to printmaking, harmonising his commercial pursuits with personal artistic endeavours. His artistic focus predominantly revolves around landscapes, be it the vast expanse of a scenic panorama or the intimate details of a close-up view. Emotions play an integral role in the portrayal of his work, with a profound sense of awe reflected in his mark making, thoughtfully crafted compositions, and meticulous colour choices.

Recently, James has embarked on a journey toward a more liberating artistic style, embracing a looser approach that delves into the local environment of his beloved home city, Leeds. This newfound creative exploration allows him to communicate his artistic vision in a less representational manner, infusing his work with a fresh sense of vibrancy and expression.

James Bywood's art continues to captivate and inspire, bridging the gap between the tangible beauty of the British countryside and the intangible realm of human emotions. Through his unique artistic voice, he invites viewers to embark on a mesmerising journey of sight and sentiment.



2020 - PrintFest McClure Award

2019 - Hepworth Wakefield Print Fair Award


2021 - ‘Trees: A Ladybird Book’ - details coming soon

2019 - National Trust Nostell Priory ‘300 years of Chippendale’

2018 - The Westmorland Hotel


2019 - Hepworth Wakefield - solo show

2019 - Leeds Print Workshop - solo show