Drawing is something I have done throughout my life.  From copying birds out of a spotters guide when I was small, to the landscape work I now produce, the restless urge to create is always there.

Recently I have been very fortunate to work with some great brands on the creation of images and artwork.  I have collected some of the images here to celebrate these partnerships.

Trees - A Ladybird Book

My most recent piece of work has been in conjunction with Ladybird, in developing a set of 22 full page illustrations for inclusion in their book 'Trees - A Ladybird Book'.  This was almost the dream commission for me, with each drawing taking me into a place in my memory - watching Attenborough as a kid, or walking through the forests around the UK today.

If you would like to win a signed copy of this book, please send me your email address using the Newsletter signup form in the footer of this page.

Full list of illustration commissions

2021 'Trees - A Ladybird Book'
2021 - T-shirt design collaboration with Semi Aquatics
2019 - National Trust - Nostell Priory
2019 - The Sheffield Print Fair
2018 - The Westmorland Hotel

I'd welcome ideas for further illustrative partnerships. Please get in touch with any thoughts you may have by using the contact page.