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2 colour screen print .  Image size: 297mm width x 420mm height.
Created: 2022.
Edition of 10.

I first visited the Lake District the day after the Great Storm of 1987. I recall the
drama of the place; the crags glowering, the lakes shining, the trees shaking and
the rivers churning. An obsession was born then that has grown to create an
huge emotional tie that will remain forever.

I decided some time ago to draw what I has seen, to keep a record for the future
and to produce a body of work that stood the test of time. I wanted to create a
legacy to share with my family and friends.

These memories form the basis of the LAKE DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK
series. Each print has been created by hand, from the initial pencil drawing and
digital rendering, through to the final screen-printing process. Each step has
involved many remakes and false starts to get to the point you now see in front of

Screen prints are something that have been around a long time, the process is
finickity and takes ages to get right. But once you’re there you can produce short
editions of work in characteristic bold colour blocks.

Colour is vital in my work, the relationship of one tone to the next being a
challenge I strive to perfect all the time. The colour palette for this print series
has been carefully selected to compliment whilst also leaving space for further
additions to the series in the future.